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National and international brands rely on us to deliver digital PR campaigns with measurable results. Our Digital PR campaigns are completely scalable and have a track record of increasing search rankings. We work with both international brands and small website owners. We can pitch to journalists in the UK, USA and internationally.

One Digital PR Campaign

per campaign
Target of 10-12 links
Guaranteed minimum of 5 links - at least 2 of which will be 70+ DR
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Five Digital PR Campaigns

per campaign
Target of 50-60 links per five campaigns
Guaranteed minimum of 25 links - at least 10 of which will be 70+ DR per five campaigns
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Ten Digital PR Campaigns

per campaign
Target of 100-120 links per ten campaigns
Guaranteed minimum of 50 links - at least 20 of which will be 70+ DR per ten campaigns
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Digital PR

$ 4995

Using Our Digital PR Service Is a No Brainer

With a one off campaign promising guaranteed results, you have a no-risk solution for link building.

Link building services ready for an immediate start

Specialization in large-scale, high-velocity link building

Guarantee of up to 100 links per month, dependent on budget

Provision of earned, white hat links in reputable online publications

Execution of research-based Digital PR campaigns

Offering expert commentary and reactive campaigns

Incorporation of newsjacking into strategies

100% guarantee for the promised number of links

Flexible with linking to either homepage or money-pages

How it works?


Purchase a Digital PR Package

Purchase one of our Digital PR Packages online. A campaign takes 1-2 months to deliver. If you purchase multiple packages, we can deliver them all in 1-2 months or we can deliver a certain number of packages per month. Whichever is your preference.

Complete Our Onboarding Document

We will send you an onboarding form where you can tell us more about your niche, ideal publications and ideal landing pages for your links.

We Deliver You High Quality Links

Our world-class team get to work creating newsworthy angles and pitching to journalists. We will send you a full report on links earned for each campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Scalable Is Digital PR

Our team of expert link builders are constantly pushing the boundaries of link building. We never settle for mediocrity, which means we're on the cutting edge of developing new outreach strategies & methods to acquire backlinks that will help our clients achieve massive success. We can scale from 5 to 100+ links per month, depending on your budget.

What are the main benefits of digital PR?

Digital PR offers numerous benefits, including enhanced online visibility, increased brand credibility, and better search engine ranking. By employing digital PR strategies, companies can secure virtual introductions to potential customers and generate more traffic and ultimately more sales.

How long does a Digital PR Order take to fulfill?

A DPR Campaign takes around 4-8 weeks to complete.

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